Friday, May 7, 2010

Butterfly Kits from Insect Lore...A Give Away!!'s no secret I've got this thing about spring...

I just love the renewed sense of life that one has when the snow all disappears and new life starts popping up all around us...
I'm learning to garden, little by little...and absolutely loving it...

I don't do food (yet) unless you count an occasional pumpkin -
but oh how I love the flowers ~ for with the flowers, come the butterflies. We looove our butterflies...and we even put special treats out for them...see how we kept them happy last year??

The kids get just as excited as I do about our butterfly friends...they are soo beautiful to look at...
So, you can imagine how awesome I thought these butterfly kits were that we saw on tv, from a pretty neat company called Insect Lore. H asked me a few times if we could get that...and I'll admit...I was thinking - that cannot be for real...can it?

So...I thought I'd find out for myself by contacting the company.

Not five days later...I came home to a package on my doorstep, courtesy of Insect Lore. I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't as excited about this as my kids are! ok, truth be told, I might even be more excited...

In said package? An awesome poster showing the life cycle of a Painted Lady Butterfly - which is already hanging on D's bedroom wall per his insistence,

Lifecycle Stages Figures that the kids are absolutely fighting over -

and...get this you guys...LIVE BUTTERFLY LARVAE!

I am sooo. beyond. excited.

We have this cup with little teeny tiny larvae in it and we are having soo much fun watching them hang out and eat...

What an amazing experience to be able to watch this life cycle transpire right before our eyes!

Thanks to Kurt and the kind folks at Insect Lore - my kids are enjoying this experience, and not only that -

one of my readers also has the opportunity to win

That's right folks! Kurt at Insect Lore has offered to ship the same great things to one of you awesome readers...
What do you have to do?

Simply leave me a comment HERE ON THIS VERY SAME POST but over on my main blog telling me what you like about spring, or what other products from Insect Lore you think are cool, or that you think I'm awesome...or all of the above. Or none of the above... but seriously. That's it. Just leave a comment. I'm not going to give away extra entries for becoming my fan on facebook or following me on twitter, though I'm happy to have you along for the ride over there if you want and would love to have you share this super cool experiment with your friends...

If you want to follow along with Insect Lore on Twitter - do that too! But it's not required!!

Are you as excited as I am about our new found friends residing on our kitchen counter?

Go ahead...tell me how cool it is via my comments and you too might be able to play along with your very own kit should you be the comment that selects! Comments will be closed on May 14th at midnight with a winner to be drawn shortly after that!

Can't wait?
Visit to order up your own today!
These words are my own. I was not compensated to talk about the Butterfly Kit, however my family was given the above mentioned items to review in exchange for my honest feedback/opinion.


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