Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day with Tiny Prints...

Valentine's Day!
I swear we just finished up with Halloween!

I've never been huge on the whole Valentine's thing, and getting a phone call at dinner time on Valentine's Day 12 years ago has forever further tainted my perception of Valentine's Day.
That was the first Valentine's Day I was spending with my now husband ~
Talk about CrAzY!

But...just because I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, doesn't mean that I don't try and make it as special as possible for the ones I love -
Especially our kids.
I have fond memories of Valentine's Day as a kid...making awesome Valentine's Day card boxes out of shoe boxes and Quaker Oatmeal containers...Do kids still do that these days?
I wish I had photos of those things from back in the day...

What I do know is that they do (have the option to) exchange Valentine's Cards with their classmates and they celebrate with a little at least there is that.

Who doesn't love getting Valentine's Cards from their friends?

Me, I really do love any excuse to give feel good mail to people we love and care about - and that means looking no further than the vast selection of Valentine's cards from Tiny Prints!

A few of my favorites?

or what about this one?

Another fav...
this one...

Check out Tiny Prints for yourself...
And for those of you interested in Pinterest - Tiny Prints Boards are HERE!

Yes, it may not be my favorite 'Holiday' on the calendar - 
but a day to let those we love and care about know it's true?
 How can you really go wrong with that?

I'm looking forward to volunteering in the kindergarten classroom for the Valentine's Party.
That in and of itself is special enough for me...
How do you make Valentine's Day special?

*** As a special thank you for sharing my favorite Tiny Prints cards with you, I will receive complimentary cards from Tiny Prints. ***

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