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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look Mom! No Hands! (A Give Away!)

Recently I was asked to help spread the word about safe driving month, and if I would like to test out the new Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak.

I am so not a fan of blue tooth (I mean really - when I see people walking around wearing those things talking into them, and trying to looking ever-so-important, I typically roll my eyes) but the functionality of this device was just too cool to say no.
(Please note!! I am an avid ear bud cell phone user and rarely if ever use my cell phone in the car without my ear bud in...
You know, nice long cord plugging into both your ear and your phone which is conveniently stored in your cupholder...)

So...back to the H17txt Bluetooth Device...
I finally recieved the device to review...I was getting impatient as I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this great product and some of my friends even had the opportunity to take a cruise in the Motorola Smart Car while learning more about how they can be safe drivers!

Set up was a breeze and within minutes I was texting my husband who was wearing the bluetooth.
"You are HOT"
"I love you"

Some of the other really cool features include ~

■Easy on: Text messages will automatically be played over your H17txt with MotoSpeak™ every time your headset is activated.
■Incoming text message sender ID: Always be in the know about who in your phonebook is trying to text you without having to take your hands off the wheel with sender ID announcements.
■Auto-response message: Determine if you want to send an automated text message to callers informing them that you are driving and will call back when available or pick a more personalized message to send.
■Translates 150 text acronyms: Acronyms such as lol, btw and l8r are translated when the text message is read aloud, so you will never miss the meaning of a message.

When paired with any Bluetooth-compatible phone, such as DROID by Motorola, H17txt with MotoSpeak™ also allows for turn-by-turn directions to be heard only by the driver, not everyone else in the car. With this enhanced headset, you can even listen to streaming media, music, videos and games – all hands-free.

I don't know about you - but this falls under the category of simplifying my life!
What about you?

Retail value of the Motorola H17txt is $100 - Totally worth the money in this frugal mom's opinion! The ease of use and the punch it packs is awesome! And yes, you'll be seeing me sporting this fancy little headset from time to time now - I'm converted!

Would you like to win one of these hot little numbers for yourself?
(and it truly is little - a nice, cute, unobtrusive way to safely stay in touch!)

(comments are closed on THIS particular blog - to keep them all in one place and make it easier for the winner to be chosen via

***I was not paid for this post...blah blah blah...disclosure statement...blah blah blah***

Monday, June 21, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I didn't realize just how FUN doing blog give-aways are!
Now that I have a few of them under my belt...I can honestly say that!
I love love love doing these!

Talk about fun & exciting!

And now - without a moment's more hesitation...

My most recent give away - to CSN STORES!
We have a WINNER folks!

The winner was comment #24 - SAMANTHA!

$50.00 to spend at CSN stores on anything. she. chooses!

Will she be picking out a new platform bed?
Maybe she'll find something she loves in their collection of sofas?

Or, perhaps something for that perfect backyard barbeque? It IS summer after all!

Whatever she decides....she's got her work cut out for her - because she has $50 to spend anywhere she wants at one of the over 200 CSN Stores!

Congratulations Samantha!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

$50.00 CSN Stores Give Away!

It's been a rainy weekend here in my neck of the woods...and the pile (6 YARDS people!) of dirt I had dropped off yesterday still sits on the driveway...mocking me from under the tarp I put on top of it to keep it dry.
Big Poppy is gone this weekend and we're going a little stir crazy inside the house. I should be cleaning - but what I am doing instead?
Researching sleeping quarters online...

CSNSTORES.COM has many many options to look at all in one place...
from bunk beds to platform beds to king sized beds...and...::GASP:: even sofas...

If you know me in real life - you know that our 4 year old has an aversion to her own bed. Every night - regardless of where she starts out - she ends up in our (queen) bed downstairs with us. A lot of the time, I figure oh well - she always falls fast asleep once she's there...
Daddy and I however? Not-so-much. One of us inevitably ends up on one of our old sofas...

I keep telling myself that she's four...not fourteen...and soon she won't want to be crawling into bed with us...
right? the meantime...I am researching some options...

And the generous folks over at CSNSTORES.COM have graciously provided me with a $50.00 gift card give away for one of my readers...
That's right folks...a $50.00 gift card to use on anything you want!
Whether you are researching your own (larger) platform beds or new sofas for your living room like we are...or are just looking for something, anything! else really - you are sure to find something you both want and need in one of 200+ stores.

So...What do you have to do for your shot at a $50.00 gift card for

Simple...Cuz I HATE complicated entries...but that being said - I AM adding extra ways to get extra entries this time around - because increasing traffic is the name of the game...simply leave me a comment for each of the bonus entries you have done...
and good luck!
Winner will be chosen by on June 21st...

PLEASE LEAVE THE COMMENTS ON MY MAIN BLOG!! I need to be able to keep them all together to utilize! (SORRY!) Those of you who commented here will be added to my main blog's comments to be entered to win!)

1) Leave me a comment here telling me what you might do with $50 extra bucks
2) Bonus extry if you are a follower of this blog
3) Become a fan of CSN Stores on Facebook (you know - LIKE them on Facebook!)
4) Follow CSNSTORES on Twitter
5) Tweet this give away on twitter...


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