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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noodle Sandwich ~

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Pop-Up Picnic held for local bloggers by the fine folks at Noodles & Company...

MMMMM - Noodles!

But get this...Susan flew in from Denver

And introduced us to...NOODLE SANDWICHES!
No, no NO...not a sandwich made of noodles...

But these yummy creations...SOLD at Noodles & Company...

Turns out, after eating noodles day in and day out, the cooks in the kitchen at Noodles Restaurants started getting creative with their ingredients (& some flat bread)
...and came up with five delightful choices...

The Med Duo
Chicken, mushrooms, spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, red onion, cilantro and feta served with their Med dressing served on a flatbread.

The Veggie Med Duo
The Med Duo minus the Chicken.

Spicy Chicken Caesar Duo
Chicken, romaine, field greens spicy Caesar dressing, wonton strips and parmesan on flatbread.

Wisconsin Cheesesteak Duo
Sauteed beef, their classic Mac and Cheese sauce, cheddar-jack cheese, red onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms on flatbread.

Mmmeatball Duo
Meatballs, spicy marinara sauce and parmesan on a ciabatta roll.
The #5 Snyder of the Snyder Five seen here sure enjoyed himself the Mmmeatball Duo...
I would venture to say it was his favorite (I say this because he ate his own and some of mine! And I'd share again with this little cutie any day!)

My personal favorite was the Wisconsin Cheesesteak...and drum roll please - I didn't even pick things off of it before I ate it!
::takes a bow::
Don't get me wrong.
I wanted too (mushrooms, onions AND red peppers?) ~ But the hubs wasn't there to pile my discards onto and well, I'm not sure Crystal would have liked that...although maybe she would...
She's a veggie girl.
But I took one for the own personal team...and I ate like an adult.
And, and...I LOVED IT!
Here is Crystal being interviewed by Max...Many of us were -
I sure hope that footage doesn't show up anywhere - I always look like such a dork on video.
And like I ate too many noodles.

Right now these Sandwich Duos are available at all Noodles and Company locations in Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado. As of September 1, 2010, they will roll out to all Noodles and Company locations nationwide.
And thanks to the fine folks at Noodles & Company...How would you like to try one of these sandwiches for FREE!
That's right folks...
Just leave me a comment here and next week - Say, oh, on Wednesday (August 3rd) I'll use random. org to draw up a couple of winners of free sandwich cards!
***And here's my Public Service Announcement for the day - If you follow them on Twitter you just might be able to win yourself MORE free sandwiches!
For more information about these awesome eats click HERE!
A huge thank you to Noodles & Company for inviting me to the Pop Up Picnic and feeding me a delightful lunch in a beautiful park with some pretty awesome friends, as well as providing me with some free sandwich cards to share with you, my awesome blog readers!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Light Up Marble Racers...The Winner Is...

The winner of the Light Up Marble Giveaways is...

Bamp bam BAAAAMP...

Comment number...

Congrats to fritzfacts

fritzfacts said...
My nephew would love these!! He is really into cars right now, and is at the age where it will last forever! lol

Send me your email address so you can receive your prize!

Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Road Again ~

We are family that rarely, if ever, stays home...
Go go Go go GO...

It's what we do...

Lately, we've been going a little farther with some trips back *home* to North Dakota...
We've taken the trip more in the last couple of weeks than we have in the last couple of years - and while I'd like to say it gets easier as the kids get older - the reality is - it's still tough to be in the car for that length of time...Some things are easier yes, but it brings it's own set of challenges.
That, my friends, is why travel and Color Wonder are a perfect combination. With a variety of Color Wonder activities, children are free to express themselves and have mess-free fun, whether they’re strapped into the backseat of our vehicle or sitting somewhere they'd rather not be. (Read: A hospital waiting room.)

Kids love the way the colors magically reveal and parents love that there’s no clean up involved. Color only appears when the markers or paints meet Color Wonder paper, so there are no clothes to wash or hands to clean when you reach your final destination!

It's like the folks at Crayola & MyBlogSpark had a crystal ball & could see the last few weeks of our lives - when they generously gave us the following:

Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk ~ provides a large, hard-top surface for kids to create on the go. The sturdy desk has a built-in handle and a soft detachable pillow that can be used as a storage unit for Color Wonder markers and paper. The Lap Desk is equipped with 12 re-stickable pieces of Color Wonder paper to keep kids’ drawings in place and 5 Color Wonder mess-free mini markers in red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaints & Paper ~ make the once impossible possible – fingerpainting in the car! The set includes clear, fast-drying gels that feel just like traditional fingerpaint. The set comes with 5 mess-free colors (red, yellow, green, blue and orange) in a hand-shaped storage container, a built-in finger cleaning sponge and 12 extra-wide sheets of Color Wonder paper. When kids are finished painting, they simply snap the fingerprint lids closed and paint stays fresh and ready to use again!

You'll notice that our finger painting pictures are at our cousin Heather's and not in the car - while it's true that they don't make huge messes like traditional paints do, they are still a little too messy for my liking when you are in a moving vehicle going 70 mph down a freeway with an hour until the next town...
While I love the fact that there is no real mess in terms of clothes, car seats, etc - there is only so much my little pack of wipes can clean off of fingers en route -

They are only three and four after all, and they REALLY get into that painting thing...the more gobs of paint on your hands = the more gobs of paint on your creation = the better your creation after all~!

Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Paper includes 5 Color Wonder markers and a 24-page Color Wonder drawing pad ~ where your kids can create anything they want while you’re on the road!

Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio ~ provides a solid, compact drawing surface with stay-put clips that can secure a single piece of paper or an entire Color Wonder activity book. Kids will enjoy creating with mess-free Color Wonder markers that make colors magically appear on special paper and reveal special hidden surprises.

Crayola Color Wonder Story Stampers ~ includes 5 Color Wonder markers in red, blue, green, purple and orange, a Color Wonder stamp pad, 6 sea creature stamps, and an 18-page coloring pad with undersea background settings. Each setting is unique, so every page will inspire a different fish tale just waiting to be told! Kids’ imaginations will take them beneath the sea as they stamp color sea creatures using the colorless Color Wonder stamp pad to create innovative stories and scenarios then can then color in. It's like high tide for your imagination!

We loved loved LOVED the stampers - and the kids even got Great Grandma involved in this activity! Which got me thinking - what a great gift for Grandma who does like to color ~ A great way to help keep up the hand eye coordination while doing something relaxing to pass the time!

And...drum roll pah - lease!

In addition to a money saving coupon you can get by simly clicking HERE -
Crayola & MyBlogSpark are offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win this very same prize pack! How AWESOME is that!?!

Don't have little ones at home?
Um, hello? Birthday present, Christmas present, or just to have on hand to save the day...
you do NOT want to miss out on the chance to win this awesome stuff!

Simply leave a comment here & you are entered...I'd love to hear how you pass the time on the road with kids, but it's not necessary to enter.

Are you a follower of my blog? GREAT! Bonus entry...

If you aren't - simply become one! (Leave a comment saying you are a follower!)

Get up to 2 additional bonus entries when you visit Crayola on Facebook or Crayola on Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” the brand to keep up with their latest and greatest fun-filled products.
Then come back and leave a comment for each of those 2 things -

(each person will have 4 chances to win this prize pack via - Please make all comments HERE so it's easier for me to use and select a winner! THANKS!
Blog Search

Thank you to Crayola & MyBlogSpark for providing these products for review & give away. I was not paid for this post. I really, truly believe that color wonder products are a gift from heaven.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Light Up Marble Racers - A Review AND Give Away!

A package arrived at our house last week, and even more exciting than THAT fact, was what was inside...

Light Up Marble Racers!

What are light up Marble Racers?

Light Up Marble Racers combine the racing excitement of mini-toy sports cars and the classic amusement of marbles to create a fun new toy for boys and girls 3 years of age and older. Kids customize their Marble Racers with themed, easy to use, crack & peel racing decals, race their creations on standard tracks, and then watch as the flashing LED marble rolls to keep pace with their speeding car. Light Up Marble Racers are the anti-video game: an old fashioned-type toy that gets kids away from the catatonic video game state, piques their creativity, and helps them to interact with other children.
The kids were sooo excited to get their hands on these...
And while this mom doesn't care for toys that come without the stickers already in place, the kids couldn't WAIT to put their own stickers on their own cars, and had a GREAT time doing it.
(I'm not terribly type A but I do like stickers to be put in place correctly and on straight! GAH!)

They wasted no time in testing them out on the kitchen floor -

The LED marbles are so fun to watch!
The police cruiser really looks like it has flashing lights as it chases the 'bad guy' -
Somewhere, D picked up "STOP! FBI! You're under arrest!"
It's hilarious to listen to him!
There are six different cars in all - and the kids easily divided them out into 'boy cars' and 'girl cars' and both had a GREAT time playing with them - The different styles include Police Racer, Fire Racer, Cats' Eye Racer, Cyclone Racer, Confetti Racer, and Volcano Racer - They retail for $4.99 to $6.99.
For more information about Light Up Marble Racers and to find a list of retailers where they are sold, simply click HERE.
FYI - I see they are currently offering a buy one get one FREE special if you visit the Skull Duggery website here!
So, while it's true you can go off and get your own Light Up Marble Racers at great prices, the folks at Skullduggery Inc would like to give one of MY Blog Readers their very own complete set of these awesome Light Up Marble Racers! That's right folks! Leave me a comment on this here blog and you will be entered to win all six of these awesome cars!
To keep things more organized - please visit my main blog to leave a comment on this very same post! THANKS!) (I will use to select a winner)
Go on now, leave a comment.
Don't have kids of car playing age? Well, then win them for your niece, your nephew, your neighbor, your grandkid, your best friend's kid...A stocking stuffer...this is one of those can't go wrong with it gifts...
What are you waiting for?

I simply love classic, quiet toys like this that get the kids' imaginations going ~ Don't you?
'Stop! FBI! You're under arrest!'
*** Thank you to Skullduggery Inc for providing my 3 & 4 year olds with a set of these Light Up Marble Racers for review. Blah Blah Blah Disclosure Statement Blah Blah Blah ***

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Making our House a HOME!

Many of you know that one of my new favorite stores is

It's not just one store, it's over 200+ STORES!
All. in. one. location.

Shopping for dining room tables? Yep, they've got them.

Need stuff for the littlest member of your family? Chances are - they've got it here -

Have a thing for shoes? So do they...

That's right you guys...Click right HERE and if you are looking for it, chances are, they have it!

I'm thrilled to be able to do a review for CSN Stores...What will I be looking at?

Well, you'll have to stay tuned...but in my continuous effort to make our house a home, I recently discovered while shopping at one of my favorite stores near my office, is that even though the store I was in didn't have two matching nightstands for me to get, I found that CSN Stores carries the exact same ones I found in real life!

*** As well as a few dozen other styles made by the same brand...
And they offer FREE SHIPPING on them!

Oh, decisions, decisions...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog Mama Guilt (& Product Review)

While summer is typically a busy busy time for those of us in this part of the country - a few curve balls thrown at me have added to the already crazy nuttiness...

Sadly, in that nuttiness, our furry first child sometimes gets left behind.

But not because he doesn't TRY to find a spot for himself in the truck before we leave - because he sure does...ACK! Dog Mama Guilt!

We've made a few trips back *home* to North Dakota recently and had to leave Bosco behind...but don't feel sorry for him - thanks to our wonderful friends and neighbors, he gets plenty of love and attention and barely notices we are gone.

(I said barely people - I know he misses us like crazy!)

That's why when I was given the opportunity to check out products from Ecostore USA - I knew right away just what to get.

Two products that would make our furry child feel pampered & loved...

The Ecostore USA website says...
Just a little of our All Natural Ear Wash goes a long way to sooth and minimize irritation while at the same time, gently clean away dirt and waxy buildup. Safe for dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age.

This is some pretty awesome doggy shampoo - And I love that I'm not adding even MORE chemicals to his poor scratchy sensitive skin, or down our drains...or across my lawn - as bathtime for Bosco these days means out back in the wading pool with help from the garden hose!

Doing good by nature
The team at ecostore USA loves making a difference in people’s lives. ecostore USA does not compromise on performance, so customers can be assured of the efficacy of the products - they truly work. We offer more than 100 products, each one meeting the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. The guiding principle of every formulation is and will always be that the end product must not only be good for the user, but good for the planet.

Gentle on your budget
ecostore USA knows that it can be expensive to buy natural or organic products, but we've found a way around this by safely super-concentrating each formulation. This means that a little really does go a long, long way. The result is saving money by significantly cutting down on cost per use.

And GET THIS you guys!!
Ecostore USA is celebrating the Grand Opening of it's new Michigan headquarters and manufacturing facility with a BOGO SALE (that's boy one GET one for you non-couponers out there!) throughout the month of July. Place an order and they'll automatically DOUBLE IT.
FREE Shipping for ALL Orders of $25 or more.
What a GREAT time to see for yourself just how awesome these eco-friendly products are!
They deserve it don't they?
(Chester-our Red-Headed Step Dog)

What are YOU interested in trying?

Baby Care? (A great gift for that new baby who already has more than enough clothes & toys!)

Bath & Body Stuff? (We tried the Lemongrass soap - mmmm - smells delish!)

Household Products? (You've gotta do it anyway- might as well be using enjoyable/safe products right?)
Pet Care? Because at our house - pets are family too!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And the Winner is...

Well, without further delay...
It's time to announce the winner of my latest & greatest give away -
The Motorola H17txt with Motospeak...

Comment #3 - "I have nothing to use with my Droid and would love to try this bad boy out. Especially to text my hubby,"You are sexy." :)

Melissa from - Be the Change you Wish to See in this World -
Email me your address and I'll make sure your prize gets sent out to you ASAP!


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