Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Glove Cleaning & Restoration...A Review

Don't judge me...

So - this month marks nine years since we bought our house.
Nine. Years.

That's about 5 years longer than we thought we'd be here...

Turns out time flies...especially when you are having fun!

So much fun, that we just never got around to getting our carpets professionally cleaned. Oh, we've talked about it. We've talked about replacing the carpet too...
But with a couple of little kids around...and a 93# dog...

Well...I said don't judge me.

Taking advantage of a recent groupon - I got a deal from these guys -

White Glove Cleaning & Restoration.

What did I have to lose?

The groupon was for 2 rooms, up to 500 square feet, so I planned on doing our two main living areas...

Dear Lord.
This. is. embarrassing.
(You aren't judging me are you?)
This is the *during* shot ~ Seriously...I cannot believe I'm even showing you this.

Our house isn't large, so I was thinking that that would cover my two main carpeted areas with the groupon. Then I got to thinking about it - you can't possibly do the carpet and not do the stairs right? Especially stairs in a split entry house...And after seeing how Mike did on my living room carpet, let's face it, a good 10 shades lighter...

I decided to have him keep working...

On to the stairs...(These ran me $5 each)
Amazing isn't it?
Have you been thinking about having your carpets cleaned?
Can I recommend Mike from White Glove Cleaning?
Visit their website here or their facebook page here...
Not only did he do an AMAZING job. A. MAZING!!
But guess what else?
He told me that he started this company 17 years ago - when he was just an 18 year old kid!Family owned and operated.
I LOVE doing business with family run companies!!
If you are in the market for having your carpets cleaned - Please consider this company...
** I was not paid for this review. These thoughts and opinions are mine, and sadly, so are the photos! In fact, I not only used my groupon but also spent a couple hundred more dollars to have my stairs done, some deodorizer added to help eliminate the doggie scent and who all knows what else **
All I know is, the carpet not only LOOKS different, it FEELS different too!
Why did we WAIT so long? ACK!
I think this is going to be a yearly thing from now on...

We had our stairs going downstairs done too -although with zero natural light in our house - it's impossible to tell...(and no, the walls are not pink...what is WITH that lighting! sheesh!)

While we don't love the blue carpet - it does hide some of the everyday traffic a little better than the upstairs...
And on a side note -
While you are here...
Any thoughts on what to do with this goofy space? It previously held our desk/computer, etc - but since our computer died and we moved out all of the furniture for the carpet cleaning crew...
We're debating what to do with this area....

It sits to the left of our fireplace...

And the sectional that sits opposite the fireplace actually fits in this space...but it looks rather large and well, stupid...there...
So what should go there? A couple of chairs and a nice end table for a reading nook?
The little tikes kitchen and play food along with some of the larger toys we have around here?
What would you do with this space if you were stuck in this house this was your home?


  1. I get so disgusted with carpet that I finally bought a shampoo-er. Is that the word? Anyway, I love that thing. I have hard wood upstairs but still do it on the main living room rug. We have carpet downstairs so I use it there often. The gross part is emptying that water. I'm CONVINCED that there's something in the cleaning solution that, when mixed with air, turns clean water into brown. There's no way I pick up that much dirt with every pull of the machine. No way my family lives in that much filth... right? Just agree with me.

    Your floors look great now. I'd make that room a reading nook or a place for big toys. We just moved a bunch of big toys to an area like this in our house and I really like the decrease in clutter.

  2. I vote toy area. Great lighting and out of the way for them to play.

  3. I can't even begin to judge you for the carpet!! Ours was worse with our former cat.

    I say a good chair and a lamp for reading. A mom corner! lol

  4. Thanks Darcie! The cleaning power of filtered steam vs. Soapy shampooers is night and day. The lady who said she gets the dark water, that happens from resoiling from the soap residue that is left behind. We have another deal this weekend on Saturday on .
    I hope you all give us a try and experience what Darcie and the rest of our clients do.



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