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Monday, November 14, 2011

Back it Up! Carbonite...A Give Away!

***Edited 11/28/2011**
And the winner is...

CONGRATS Meg! I will email you the details of your free year of Carbonite Online Back Up!
Thanks to everyone who entered and tried out the rafflecopter give away entry form with me...
I really liked it...and will use it as often as I can with my give aways going forward...don't forget to click on the 'I did this' box next to the entries!!

Come back again soon and see what other give aways I have coming down the pipeline!

My main reason for blogging is so that I have a place to collect the literally hundred of pictures that I take each and every month - and make some rhyme and reason out of them.

At the end of each year, I take my blog and turn it into a hard cover day, I will gift these books to our kids who will have beautifully bound books of our adventures, complete with narrative. I hope they will enjoy them & share them with generations to come. I love love love looking at old photos of my family.

For every 1 picture you see in my online spaces...
there are most likely another dozen or so at home.

I am sort of a nut about pictures...I just love them.
I have them on memory cards, the computer, (some) backed up to online sharing sites, and the blog. Every once in awhile - I spend a good chunk of time and I back them up to an External Hard Drive as well.

All of this is well and good - as long as nothing ever happens to said devices.
Water damage, fire damage, kid damage?

I've contemplated online back up for my entire computer - but didn't figure I needed it when I really don't do anything except pictures and blog booking on my home computer...

If I had enough time weren't so lazy, I could back up all of my pictures to an online photo sharing site and call it good...but again, we're talking huge volumes of pictures. And the ones I've used have started imposing limits...

I have huge volumes of pictures I'd be devastated if I lost.
Last August, on the very same day my Mom lost her battle with cancer, our fence had a lightning strike, which traveled into our house and fried our computer (and our cable box, our modem, blah blah blah.)

Life had been hectic and my pictures were NOT backed up.
Not a one from the summer.


Here I am, just over a year later...
Enter Carbonite Online Back Up.

I'd heard commercials for Carbonite and thought - oh, I wish I could afford something like that.

But really, how can you NOT afford it.
How would YOU feel if your computer crashed & you lost everything?

I was THRILLED when I was recently offered a one year trial subscription of Carbonite Online Back Up...

I couldn't wait to back up my files!

Carbonite has a very user friendly, easy to read, easy to follow website.
Perfect for non-tech savvy folks like myself...

Carbonite warns that it could take some time to back up your files if there are many...
like...many many files equals many many days...
Ladies and Gentleman...

It took my computer 14 days to back up!
Aye Aye Aye!


Finally, 100% backed up!
It wouldn't of had to take that long - but -
It was hard to keep the computer on, and in non-sleep mode while it needed to do it's initial thing.

Carbonite's website explains very clearly everything you could possibly want to know and more -

Highlights for me?

You can log in to Carbonite from ANY COMPUTER and access your files...
Hello? Want to show Grandma a few pictures that didn't make the blog? Now I can! Log in to Grandma's computer with your Carbonite information and viola! Access to all of your pictures!

No limit to how much you can back up!!
I stopped 'backing up' all of my pictures when an online photo sharing site began limiting how much you could store in each album...and now...everything is backed up, automatically. Even the goofy random outtakes I can't possibly delete!

And...the PRICE!
Carbonite back up is available for just $59.00 a year!
That's less than $5.00 a month for the peace of mind of having your computer backed up! While I don't have anything other than pictures that I am concerned about, my husband DOES keep his softball stats on our home there's that. I'm guessing other people out there have other things that might be more important to them...
Less than $5.00 a month you guys!

Do you use an online back up system?
Have you heard of or tried Carbonite? can leave a comment here and be entered to win your very own, one year subscription of Carbonite!

Up to 3 entries per person -

I'm trying out this fancy new way of hosting the give away - I've absolutely loved it on other blogs, so I hope it's as easy and fun as it appears to be!

The winner of a one year FREE subscription to Carbonite Online Back Up will be chosen on Monday, November 28th, 2011.Good Luck!

*** I was given a one year media subscription to Carbonite and one to give away. Words you are reading on this page are mine and mine alone. ***


  1. This would be great for the gagillion pictures I've taken of Samantha so far. Not to mention the thousands of other photos I have.

  2. We have a different online backup system, but this one seems MUCH more user friendly!

  3. Very cool. I am nervous freak about saved photos. Doubly backed up on two hard drives but Carbonite sounds like an awesome peace of mind. @delaneybk

  4. I sometimes get around to uploading pics from the cameras & phones, occasionally back up those pics to our external drive & also burn them to a disc, and even less often I upload them to Flickr. It's a time consuming mess, so I don't do it often. If I didn't have to go through all the extra steps & it just backed up on its own, I'd probably be more likely to get the photos off the memory card & onto the computer!

  5. Yes, Carbonite can be a bit of an undesirable spot for my hero Hans Solo, but for us mere mortals, it's worth every cent. So far I've gladly given 4 years to the big purple padlock, and while I'm still waiting for my fence to be fried, when it does, I'll be sitting in my swivel chair .... well, sort of contently swivelling ....and reminding myself of Hans and his immortal quote from ESB “Laugh it up, fuzzball!”. Long Live the Purple Padlock!

  6. I actually back up our computer that doesn't have our photos on it because I use it for work. And actually I think I would be more ok with losing my work data than a single picture.

  7. Oh my carbonite, how wonderful to recite.
    Right down to my last byte, day and night,
    Perfect oversight.
    Oh my carbonite, you are so watertight (!)
    No need for fright, so outasight.
    My car, my bone (dearest Jack Russell, that is), my life’s del-ite.
    All my piccies need no oversight
    Oh my carbonite, how wonderful to recite

    Any hey, if you wanna use this – I got copyright!

    (my thanks to the bottle of Chianti, sitting next to the keyboard!)

  8. Boo-hoo! My 2 comments aren't mentioned in the Rafflecopter summary. What's up, darcie?

  9. @Yt - I don't know - did you click on the 'I did this' part of the Rafflecopter entry form? You have to leave your comment & then click on the 'I did this' portion of whatever entry thing you did for it to show up in Rafflecopter...

  10. @darcie - Hum ..... I never got a 'I did this' thingy. I just got inspired write, posted comment (little prayer included), and I took it as a done thing since the comment was there along with everyone's. I didn't get anything else. Ho-hum.

  11. @Yt ~ check out one of my other give aways, Burger King or Cheerios...notice in the rafflecopter form it says 'I did this' that you are to click after doing the entry options...
    You must of missed that on this one, which is now closed...
    I will see if I can add yours in by way of moderation tonight when I sit down & get the winner...
    (This is my first official Rafflecopter give away so I'm learning too! )



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