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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brookstone - Holiday Shopping made easy...


I can say that now - it's less than a month away!

Remember when I visited Brookstone late last spring and found so many things I didn't know I needed?

I recently had the opportunity to hang out in their Mall of America store again....

THIS time, I even sat in their massage chair!  The uAstro Massager...
aye aye aye!

I could post pictures of myself in the chair, but really, there's nothing flattering about seeing that - so...
Just use your imagination...That thing heats & massages everything...wowsa!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Brookstone has something for everyone - from big items for the whole family to cute, adorable and practical stocking stuffers for people of all ages! (I still stuff stockings for the adults who spend Christmas in our this is perfect for me!)

Some of the highlights I found...
Zoku Pops!

Phone Folio - How great is this!

Rover - Every (big & little) kid's dream!

I could tell you about all of my favorite things from Brookstone - but, I already did that...

So, why don't you go ahead - check out Brookstone for yourself...I bet you can find something for everyone on your list!

(Don't forget yourself!!)

*** A special thank you to Brookstone for having me out to the MOA as their special guest earlier this month.  Words and opinions are my own.  I was given a small gift of appreciation from Brookstone for my time. ***

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