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Disclosure Statement

All posts and opinions on this blog are written by me.  I write content on my blog(s) so that one day, my children will have a record of who I am, who I was, who they were, and who we were/are together.  While I do occasionally (not near enough if you ask me!) receive items to review, I give nothing but my honest opinion paired with facts about the product as I know them to be true.

I am not known for keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself, this is me we're talking about folks!!

If I love something, you're gonna know about it.
If I hate don't love something, you're gonna know about it.
It's how I roll...

So...Do you have an item, a product or a service (or an all inclusive resort maybe?) you'd like me to talk about?

Email me and let's chat!
darciegust (at) yahoo (dot) com


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